The Army is recognised as being a good employer for woman, having been awarded a place in the Times Top 50 women employers in 2017, and winning a Workplace Gender Equality Award from Business in the Community.

In the LDF men and women start their basic training together until the time they are transferred to various units. In some cases women are deployed in the infantry battalions performing the same tasks as men.

Medal for Meritorious Service

His Majesty King Letsie III awarding a lady soldier with a medal to recognize her outstanding services in the army.

African Woman's Month

Once every year The Ministry of Defence and the LDF Command holds a special dinner to say thank you to the brave female soldiers in the LDF.

Brigadier Matumelo Ramoqopo

Brig M. Ramoqopo is the first female to attain the a rank of One Star General in the LDF. Her achivement puts her within the command of LDF. She is seen here with Brig Ntlele Ntoi and Brig Khomo Mohobo during the Armistice Day celebration.

Air Arm Command Sergeant Major

Warrent Officer II Mapeete Masopha is seen her being appoited to the position of Air Arm Command Sergeant Major. She is the first female in the LDF to have been appoited to this position.


Women stop performing similar task with men only when they are pregnant or in the early stage after delivery, which is also recognized and awarded maternity leave. This practice means that both are on the same pay scale especially when they are on the same rank.

The trainings are also conducted concurrently when both are undergoing similar course. This is so because, for instance, during promotions people need to attend courses that prepare them for the next step and they do this together.

Everyone get promoted based on their performance, capability and potential. The unit commanders prepares annual reports detailed information on the performance of the individual soldier.